Do You Believe in Luck or Do You Make Your Own?

Do You Believe in LuckGrowing up my mother often told to stop thinking so negatively or being negative. For as long as I could remember, I was never a naturally positive or naturally happy person. I wouldn’t call myself a cynic, but I would definitely consider myself to be a pessimist or when I felt like being a real smart ass, a realist.  I’ve told my members that I’m not a naturally happy-go-lucky person which they found hard to believe because they always see me happy. The thing is, I have to try hard and get into a happier more positive state of mind before I set foot in the gym. Some days are easier than others, but it never comes naturally. Once I’m there greeting them and talking to them, I feel a bit more positive. After a hard workout, I feel like sunshine and lollipops, but beforehand I’m not.

I’m sure we’ve heard that saying about the power of positive thinking. I’ll be honest. I don’t believe in that. I don’t believe in luck either. Probably because I never felt I had it.  You know those people who seem to have it all together and an endless supply of horseshoes up the rear end? Do you consider them lucky?  What if they worked their asses off to get it together? As I said before, I don’t believe in luck. What I do believe in is hard work, grit (I love that word. GRIT.), fortitude, and strength. I believe that is what will (usually) get  you the good fortune you deserve.

Of course there are those people who work their asses off day in and day out, and can’t catch a break. And there are those people who don’t deserve ANYTHING, but have EVERYTHING.  What about them?  I’ll just consider them anomalies, even though there are quite a few people out there on either end of the spectrum.

I have never considered myself to be a lucky person nor do I know the “right” people. I’ve had my share of my misfortune. I consider myself accountable for it, but at the same time in hindsight, (although it is easier to say this in hindsight because it is 20/20), I am glad I went through it because it made me a stronger person.  Sure I had low points and broke down quite a few times, but I dusted myself off and put myself back together and pushed on. I had no idea what the future would bring or if anything good was coming my way anytime soon, but all I could do was keep pushing.

Anything I have ever achieved in my life has been through what I have mentioned before. None of my professional jobs, including my current one have ever been through a “connection”.  It took almost four years to get my steady job with the federal government. Perhaps I am “lucky”, because my job is considerably more secure and has good benefits, but I chose to apply for it. I chose to go through the testing and interviews. I chose to accept the job.  Out of all the jobs I had during my co-op experience in university, I enjoyed the government work terms the most. Probably because they were more laid back. :P Perhaps you are “lucky” because you are self-employed  and you are your own boss.  You chose that route for whatever reasons, you took that leap,  worked for it and now you reap the rewards.

Love (along with winning the lottery) may be one of the few things that ties in with luck, but even then you still have to work hard at it to make it successful.

When it comes to your life and well-being, I wouldn’t count on luck.

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