Not Eating it All at “All You Can Eat Restaurants”

All You Can Eat RestaurantsA few weeks ago, I went out with some family for all you can eat sushi.  I don’t really like sushi to begin with. I have eaten sushi and sashimi on several occasions and each time I was left full, but unsatisfied. I don’t think I will ever understand why people crave it and why people get so excited about it. I appreciate the fact that it is beautifully made, it is healthier for you and the ingredients are quite fresh, but I really like my salt, grease and sugar to hit the spot. I grumble to myself and grudgingly get the teriyaki dishes and/ or tempura options. I don’t want to seem like the picky eater, but out of all my friends and family, with the exception of my parents, I seem to be the odd person out for not liking sushi.

I was never good and will never master the skill at using chopsticks. I’ve tried and failed miserably. I often ask right off the bat for a spoon and fork. Yes, I am Asian and I prefer to use a spoon and fork, or knife and fork, depending on what it is I eat. (To be more accurate, I am of mixed Asian background- Filipino and Chinese, with a little more Spanish blood than most Filipinos. At least that’s what my mom claims.  Unlike most other Asian cultures, Filipinos actually use spoons and forks for eating utensils).

I rarely go out to restaurants and the odd times I do, I prefer to go somewhere where 1. It’s reasonably priced 2. It has the type of food I will enjoy 3.  The menu has dishes that I wouldn’t normally make myself. Back in the day when I could eat a ton of food in one sitting, I used to love going to Mandarin. I would barely eat during the day just so I could get the bang for my buck at the buffet. Nowadays, my eating habits have drastically changed.  I am a more of a grazer, eating more frequently and in smaller portions, which is better for you anyway. There will be the odd time I can overdo it on the eating, and that usually seems to be when I go out for breakfast.

I often try to avoid going to buffets because now I don’t feel I get my money’s worth. I can’t justify spending$25-$30 if I eat a salad plate and one full plate. Don’t get me wrong, I love the food they have there and I wish I could eat more, but I can’t. I try my best not to waste food at home (although I do throw a few things here and there), so it really pisses me off how much food is wasted at restaurants, including buffets. Sometimes I’ll eat only half of my meal and make sure I have enough to take home for lunch the following day. I really try my best to finish my meal though.  I’ll see people eat only half or 3/4 of their meal and refuse to take it home. Even that 1/4 of a meal could be used for a snack! What pisses me off even more is when people go to Dim Sum or Sushi restaurants, order 100 things, just because it is all you can eat or they want to try almost  everything on the menu. Sure it’s great to order lots of things and you have a variety, but don’t go overboard with it. Are you trying to feed yourself and a group of friends or a small village?

Why you shouldn’t go overboard and over order things:

Several reasons: Your eyes are bigger than your stomach and wallet. You’ll quickly realize that you’ve ordered way too much and that you can’t finish it. What’s more is that they often will charge you for all the uneaten food you’ve wasted.  I believe you can’t take it home either, but don’t quote me on that.

The most obvious one of all (but you already knew this): WASTED FOOD = WASTED $$$!

I will gladly finish my friend’s meal if I can or take it home with me. Several reasons: Free food. It’s not being wasted and one less meal I have to cook. :)


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