A Trip Down Media Memory Lane – Part II

I Have A Healthy Addiction: ReadingI Have A Healthy Addiction: Reading

Although from time to time, I wouldn’t mind watching a movie more than once, I could never do the same when it came to reading a book. Even if it was a book I hadn’t read in quite some time and couldn’t even remember most of the story or who the author was. I don’t know why, I can’t explain it. That’s just the way it is.

Most bibliophiles would agree with me, that the book is 99.9% better than the movie.  I would  read the book and see the movie to compare the two, only to be somewhat disappointed. Ideas for movies come from many sources, but I find the majority of ideas comes from books.

Non-bibliophiles, my common-law partner included, would always answer something along the lines of, “Is there a movie about it (meaning the book)?Then I’d rather watch the movie.” He reads to educate himself and prefers non-fiction over fiction.  While I read books on finance, investing and blogging to educate myself, I also love to read fiction.  Like many PF bloggers, I love reading, thus I love writing. The two past-times seem to go hand in hand. I enjoyed the many book fairs and read-a-thon fundraisers in school.  I loved going to the library and still do.

Books Are Here To Stay

Although it doesn’t strike us as an obvious choice, but books, magazines, and newspapers are a form of media. Print media, that is. Before we were able to bring ideas and dreams to real life in real-time, they were written and printed in text. It was up to our own imagination to visualize what the author was trying to say.

Everything was open to interpretation.

Despite the technology craze or boom, books, magazines and newspapers  have adapted in the form of e-books, e-readers and online versions. At the same time, they have still managed to stay in its original form.  When you set foot in a bookstore, there is a display of e-readers and e-reader covers, however the rest of the store is dominated by the hardcover and paperback books. People still cozy themselves in a corner of a bookstore, coffee shop or their own house and read a book. A real book.

The real thing seems  to grab hold of several of my senses. It’s the feel of the book, holding it in your hand. The sound of the page turning or closing the book shut after you’ve finished a reading session. The smell of it. The sight of the cover and the book itself. Being able to see the title  on its spine when placed on the bookshelf.

Of course, you don’t actually taste books.  But I hunger for the next best read to satisfy my literary appetite.

Are you a bibliophile? What are some of your favourite reads?


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