Kid Couture

Kid CoutureThat kid looks like an effin’ hipster. Why can’t kids just look and dress like kids?

I don’t get it.

Is it just me or are kids and teenagers these days a hell of a lot more stylish and cool than back in the day? When I was a kid, there weren’t many clothing stores as there are now that catered to the tweens and/or teenagers. I wore the matching sweatshirt and sweatpants. I know that 80s fashion is currently in style, but even growing up in the 80s, I wasn’t very stylin.’ I was never a fashionista and nor do I think I will ever be. I am that person who will help boost that salesperson’s commission by asking them for help when trying on stuff, because I usually shop alone (I find I get shopping done faster and more efficient when I shop alone. I also don’t spend as much money). I also don’t know what the heck I’m doing when it comes to clothing. I have less clothes than my bf. He is no fashionisto (?) either, but when you have less clothes than your bf, that tells you something: I HATE shopping and I have a fashion IQ of -5.

Now that there are so many other choices for tweens and teenagers other than the usual department stores (I did a lot of back to school shopping at Sears and JC Penny whenever we went across the border). I often wonder just how obsessed the youth are with brand names. They have way too many choices nowadays. I know peer pressure and advertising have a lot to do with it, but to what extent does parental influence play a role? My mom was somewhat into fashion and is still into a few designer names, but I never felt a strong influence from her to display this on my body. I went to a Catholic high school so we had to wear uniforms, unless it was a designated day where the students could wear normal “civvies” clothing. I always felt so much more relaxed on those days because I was wearing what the public school kids got to wear everyday. I vaguely recall stressing out on what to wear, but never to the point where I was concerned whether or not my jeans were Guess jeans.

What I really don’t understand is why parents dress their babies and toddlers up in expensive get-ups. I thought this was something only celebrities did. It almost annoys me. Aside from the obvious fact that babies and toddlers can’t dress themselves, they also can’t think or speak for themselves. They have no idea they are wearing high-end clothing. They don’t know what’s in style and what’s not. It’s just another piece of fabric that they’ll outgrow and drool/spit up on. But hey, they look good and shouldn’t looking good matter when you’ve only been in this world for less than a couple of years? Kids are already expensive enough as it is. Buying them expensive clothing starting at age 0 won’t help your budget. I honestly think it is such a waste of money because you’ll go through clothing faster than you can say Michael Kors.

In an alternate reality, if I was to pro-create and bear offspring, I would dress my kids in second-hand clothing for as long as I could. I would gladly accept hand me downs or go shopping at Target. I don’t care about kid couture and neither should my hypothetical kids. A kid that makes fun of another kid because he doesn’t have the right brand of jeans probably inherited that superficial way of thinking from his parents. Either that or he’s just a plain sh** disturber. Sure parents want what’s best for their children and maybe they want to spoil them with things they never had growing up. But parents should also want their kids to not be so style-conscious as such as young age or be so judgemental and like people for who they are. Not what make and model their running shoe is.

So, would you buy your child that Lululemon hoodie? For me, it would be on two conditions: 1. They paid for a portion of it through their allowance or a part-time job. 2. It was a reward for getting on the honour roll.

(Kid couture is way overrated)