How I View Long Weekends

It’s almost July and tomorrow is Canada Day. That means the 2nd official long weekend of the summer. With respect to long weekends, I prefer to have the Monday off rather than the Friday. Friday is already practically the weekend. Everyone is more relaxed and happier at the workplace, knowing that they are one step closer to the weekend. I’m ok with coming into work on Fridays. Now Monday is a completely different story. We all know how hard it is to get through Mondays. Even with a cup  of coffee, I still find it hard. I anxiously wait for it to be over and then I can breathe a sigh of relief. When I know I have Monday off, I feel so much better, knowing that I can sleep in and skip over that horrendous start of a week. Now Tuesday becomes a Monday, but it’s a short week, so it’s not so bad. You know you can get through it because there is one less day to go through.

A few years back, I, like many of you saw the long weekend as an opportunity to get away.  To get out of the city and go the cottage or go camping. However lately, the idea of going away from the long weekend seemed like more of a turnoff with all its traffic and crowds at the grocery store, beer store, LCBO. You plan to leave early on the Friday only to find out everyone else pretty much had the same idea and now you’re stuck in traffic for two hours with the rest of them.  You get to your campsite or cottage, but it doesn’t seem so tranquil and peaceful because everyone decided to go to the cottage and camping that long weekend.  Its freakin’ crowded everywhere. Maybe you like crowds, drink your face off party atmosphere. Been there, done that. I got most of my partying out in the my early 20s. I’ve got news for you young’uns. It gets harder and takes a lot longer to recover from hangovers when you get older. But maybe you’re lucky enough to have your cottage in a quiet, secluded place and lucky enough to leave at an hour where you won’t hit traffic.

I think the worse part about the long weekend is the drive home. Everyone decides to leave at the same time and now your two-hour drive has turned into a  four-hour drive. That’s four hours of your life you’ll never get back. You’re completely exhausted by the time you get home.  I guess by this point, it’s quite obvious I detest traffic. I’m lucky enough to not have to deal with it during my weekly commute. I once did a two-hour round trip to get to work. It sucked the life out of me and I said to myself, NEVER AGAIN.

Lately I’ve been staying local when the long weekends roll around. To be honest, I’d rather take an extra day off  and make an extra long weekend or make my  own long weekend during another weekend. I really, really like the idea of not having to deal with traffic. If you were a commuter that had to deal with traffic everyday for work, why would you want to put yourself through even more traffic? Is it really that worth it? Come to think of it, are owning cottages really worth it? (I don’t think so, unless it is a rental property). Everything is just so much more quiet and less crowded. I like to think of long weekends of an opportunity to catch up on whatever you fell behind in, whether it be housework, yard work or even hanging out with friends. You’d be surprised how many people prefer to stay local when it comes to long weekends. You can still have the BBQ or bonfire.

I felt pretty productive this long weekend. I got a lot of things crossed off my to-do list that have been on my to-do list for quite some time (including writing another post).   I still managed some relaxation here and there. If only every weekend was a long weekend.  Maybe for some of you it is.

How do you view long weekends?

EDITOR’S NOTE: I just noticed when I published this, the date said July 1st. July 1st is actually Canada Day, not the day after, as one may believe from reading the intro to this post.