Hi! This is my own personal finance blog. It mainly will offer opinions and views on my personal finance experiences and personal finance topics. I’m just a gal trying to increase my net worth, save for my goals and be smart with my money.

Although the main focus of this blog is personal finance, my life is not completely personal finance. Like most PF bloggers, I enjoy travelling. I have been to several different countries (14) and would like to visit many more in the future. I also enjoy being active and spending time at the gym (I am a part-time group exercise instructor, this is my fun job). I love to read and am an self-confessed bibliophile (although I do not collect books, I used to as a kid). I have a sweet tooth, thus I heart baking!

I used to write a lot of poems and short stories as a kid. I didn’t like English very much in high school even though I did well in it. One of my English teachers suggested I major in English, but I went a different route instead. I started off in chemical engineering, then switched over to biochemistry. Ironically enough, my full time job is not very science based, even though the agency I work for is science based.

So you now you know a little bit more about the blogger behind Makin the Bacon $.