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20 Unconventional Ways People Make Money

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There are countless ways to make money, some more conventional than others. While many stick to traditional jobs, others have found unique and bizarre ways to earn a living. From snake drain cleaning to selling freeze-dried candies, here are 20 weird and unusual ways people make money.

1. Snake Drain Cleaning


Some individuals specialize in removing snakes from clogged drains, offering a unique solution to a common household problem. They use their expertise to safely extract the reptiles and unclog the drains, providing a valuable service to their clients.

2. Holiday Fruitcake Baking


While fruitcakes may not be everyone’s cup of tea, there’s a niche market for artisanal fruitcake bakers. These individuals don’t just bake fruitcakes, they craft them with love and dedication, spending months perfecting recipes and creating decorative masterpieces to sell during the holiday season.

3. House Sitting


House Sitting has evolved beyond simply watching over someone’s home while they’re away. Some house-sitters offer additional services like pet care, plant watering, and even security checks, making it a lucrative gig for those with a knack for responsibility.

4. Selling Plant Cuttings and Seedlings


For plant enthusiasts, turning your passion into profit is not just a dream. By selling cuttings and seedlings of rare or exotic plants, they can cultivate a thriving business. They carefully nurture and sell these plants to fellow enthusiasts looking to expand their collections, making a profitable venture out of their love for plants.

5. Parents Night Out Sitter for Overnight


Parents looking for a night out without worrying about their children can hire overnight sitters to watch them while they sleep. These sitters provide peace of mind to parents and a fun, safe environment for children to spend the night.

6. Sell Pests Like Roaches to Pet Stores


Believe it or not, some people breed and sell insects like roaches to pet stores as food for reptiles and other exotic pets. It’s a niche market that requires expertise in insect breeding and care.

7. Sell Freeze-Dried Candies


Freeze-dried candies offer a unique texture and flavor experience, attracting customers looking for something unusual. Entrepreneurs capitalize on this trend by freeze-drying various candies and selling them online or at specialty shops.

8. Clinical Studies


Participating in clinical studies and trials can be a lucrative way to make money while contributing to scientific research. Participants may be compensated for their time and any inconveniences associated with the study.

9. Officiate Online Weddings


With the rise of virtual ceremonies, some individuals have become ordained to officiate weddings online. They provide couples with personalized ceremonies via videoconferencing platforms, making them convenient and accessible for couples around the world.

10. Mandrake Growing and Selling


Mandrakes, with their mythical associations and unique appearance, have become sought-after plants for collectors and herbalism practitioners. Growing and selling mandrakes can be profitable for those with knowledge of cultivation and folklore.

11. Surveys


Companies often pay individuals to participate in surveys to gather valuable market research data. While it may seem mundane, completing surveys can add up to a decent source of supplemental income.

12. Couponing Apps


Savvy shoppers use couponing apps to find discounts and cashback offers on everyday purchases. Some individuals take it a step further by becoming expert couponers, sharing tips and tricks online, and earning commissions through affiliate marketing.

13. Teaching Languages Online


With the rise of online learning, there’s a high demand for virtual language teachers. Whether it’s English, Mandarin, or Swahili, individuals fluent in multiple languages can monetize their skills from the comfort of their own homes. This flexibility empowers them to take control of their work-life balance and earn money on their terms.

14. Valet for Sports Events and Concerts


Providing valet services at sporting events and concerts is a niche business that requires excellent organization and customer service skills. Attendees appreciate the convenience of valet parking, making it a profitable venture for entrepreneurs.

15. Checking Discarded Lottery Tickets


Some individuals scour trash bins and parking lots for discarded lottery tickets in hopes of finding winning tickets that were mistakenly thrown away. While the odds may be slim, the potential payoff can be substantial.

16. Modeling for Art Classes


Artists often hire models to pose for figure drawing classes, offering a unique opportunity for individuals comfortable with nudity and posing. It’s a flexible gig that allows models to showcase their physique while earning a steady income.

17. Transcribing Audio


Transcribing audio files into written text requires precision and attention to detail. Freelancers can find work transcribing interviews, podcasts, and other audio content, providing a valuable service to clients who need accurate transcripts.

18. Dog Training


Dog training is not just a hobby for animal lovers; it’s also a lucrative business opportunity. Trainers use their expertise to teach dogs and their owners obedience, agility, and even specialized skills, helping foster better relationships between pets and humans.

19. Photoshop Work


Skilled graphic designers and photo editors can earn money by offering Photoshop services online. Whether retouching portraits, creating digital art, or designing marketing materials, there’s a high demand for professionals who can wield Photoshop precisely.

20. Virtual Assistant for Gamers


As gaming becomes increasingly popular, so does the demand for virtual assistants who can help gamers with tasks like managing in-game resources, organizing tournaments, and moderating online communities. It’s a niche job that requires a deep understanding of gaming culture and technology.

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